Thursday, April 21, 2011


Wow it's been a great while since I have posted on here, to update on things Talya & Keian started softball & baseball and are loving it. They are super cute I will have pictures up in the next couple of days. Talya got a new puppy for her birthday named Pebbles also will get pix up. Our goal is to start updating weekly so we are going to try super hard Talya is going to help me she says!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jett and the rice crispie treat

Grandma Denos got Jett a rice crispie treat at the jubilee of trees! The kiddo loved it and wanted the whole thing in his mouth at once. He was not happy we fed it to him a little bit at a time, but afterwards him and tony were both a sticky mess!!!

Talya's Dance Recital

Talya and Ashlyn (cousin teri's daughter) performing at the Jubilee of Trees!

Talya performing at the Jubilee of Trees in their new costumes! They look so dang cute!

Our Little Indian Boy

For preschool Keian's teacher made little indian headbands and painted their faces so they could be indians at school. Well we got home and Keian decided his red stripes were coming off so he drew them back on....and well of course he used a red sharpie!!!!! He has had these pink stripes now for almost a week but how do you get mad at someone so dang cute. A word to the wise sharpies stay on forever so be careful!!!

Sleeping Jetterbug

Jett fell asleep eating his lunch today the poor little guy we completely wore him out!

Two Sick Boys

I snapped this pix of my two sleeping sick boys!


Happy Halloween!!

Wow what a group!

Halloween was so much fun this year. We all dressed up even Tony did for once it's a miracle!!! Keian was bumblee the transformer and Talya and I were witches! They made a haul on candy as usual.